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PLUS each gift feeds 4 children

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Welcome to PassAlong Gifts

PassAlong Bouquets are creating a new movement in giving. These colorful bouquets are the perfect way to bring joy and connection into the lives of yourself and others, over and over again. 

When you order a PassAlong Bouquet you add a personalized message on the back. The person you give it to is able to enjoy the flowers by displaying them on a flat surface or hanging them on a wall. When the right situation presents itself, the bouquet is “passed along” to someone else with special words of encouragement recorded on the back. This happens over and over creating a unique journey of stories. An online tracking feature allows everyone to follow along. In addition to creating a community of followers, each bouquet feeds at least 4 children in nations where they are going hungry.

People are being inspired by these simple acts of kindness. This unique design is a tangible way to put into action a pay-it- forward mindset creating a cycle of giving. Sharing and caring. Listen to our stories and share your own to be inspired to look for opportunities to be kind.


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