About - PassAlong Gifts


Our Mission: To share kindness and unleash the power of giving

Meet the Artist and Founder –  Cherryl Galezewski

PassAlong Gifts are inspired by my journey. I had a successful career with 20 years implementing and teaching business development in a variety of industries. My career was cut short when I was diagnosed with a life-altering illness, followed by a severe car accident that left me unable to work. Facing the physical, emotional, and financial challenges that followed, I began the journey to healing by painting and giving my art away. This inspired me to create a social enterprise, PassAlong Gifts which is dedicated to spreading kindness and unleashing the power of giving. I am committed to sharing what I learned about experiencing joy – that it’s always there, sometimes we have to look for it!

A major setback happened in 2021 when I fell ill with Covid-19. In a coma for 8 weeks with a 5% chance of surviving, I overcame but was told a double lung transplant was needed. Miraculously, I once again overcame the odds and am now home gaining strength, without a transplant. I believe one day I will be able to breathe completely on my own.

Partnering with Sarah Routman of Laugh Healthy is revitalizing this social enterprise to carry on the important work of spreading kindness. Sarah taught high school and ran two non-profits before becoming an Adjunct Leadership Instructor at the University of Minnesota and a worldwide Laughter Ambassador. A champion of overall wellness, she inspires and motivates both individuals and professionals to engage in healthy laughter for a vibrant, uplifting and transformative shift in all aspects of their lives that leads them towards better health and wellbeing. She believes life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond.

Sarah is also the photographic artist of “Through Sarah’s Eyes” (www.throughsarahseyes.com) lending her creative designs to PassAlong Gifts.


My first painting with daughter Chrystal and granddaughter Charlotte