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Fill out the form below. We LOVE to help support great causes! The sale of PassAlong Gifts not only generate money but as they “PassAlong,” each person has the opportunity to donate as well. We can help you create the perfect design and message for the front or choose from our designs. These images are made as cards, magnets, or beautiful metal prints. Retail prices range from $10 to $50 providing 55-70% PER GIFT for your cause!

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People are being inspired by the simple acts of kindness offered in starting a PassAlong Gift. This unique design is a tangible way to put into action a pay-it- forward mindset creating a cycle of giving, sharing, and caring. Read our stories and share your own to be inspired to look for goodness and catch others doing it!

Let us know if you’re interested in creating a movement to promote your own design. Custom orders are available.